Awesome Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack updated to charge iPhones faster available in Dhaka, Bangladesh

A new firmware update has been updated to the MagSafe Battery Pack that will allow it to recharge an iPhone a little faster. When plugged into a 20W charger, the MagSafe pack can transfer up to a 15W charge to an iPhone, but now, the MagSafe Battery Pack will be capable of charging up to 7.5W while off the power grid. Previously, it only charged at up to 5W while portable.

Apple has updated its support page with details on how to update your MagSafe Battery Pack. You can use your iPhone, iPad, or a Mac to update the Pack. If updating with an iPhone, the Pack will automatically update while it is attached to the device – though this could take up to a week. Apple says you can connect the MagSafe Battery Pack to an iPad or Mac and the update should take about 5 minutes.

To verify the latest update has been installed (version 2.7), attach the Pack to your iPhone and head into Settings > General > About > MagSafe Battery Pack.


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