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Earlier this month, Riley Testut brought his excellent Delta game emulator for iPhone to the App Store for the first time. Now, Riley is teasing Delta’s expansion to the iPad – giving users a way to emulate games from many retro game systems on a bigger screen.

Head below for a first look.

Delta’s launch on the App Store was made possible by Apple’s changes to the App Store guidelines to permit retro game emulators after years of prohibiting them. The guideline changes also apply to the iPad, which is what will allow Riley to ultimately bring Delta to the iPad as well.

In a post on Threads this weekend, Riley wrote that Delta for iPad will launch with the next major update to the app:

  • We’ve been working on it for a while, and it’s near completion, just need to finish up controller skins + fix some last bugs
  • We didn’t prioritize iPad because plan was to launch in just EU with AltStore PAL (which doesn’t support iPad)
  • Obviously plans changed when Apple changed their rules, so we’re prioritizing iPad now and it will come with the next major Delta update (1.6)

In the United States, Delta is available for free via the App Store – and you can, and should, support Riley’s work via Patreon. In the European Union, Delta is available via AltStore PAL, Riley’s Apple-approved alternative app marketplace.

You can check out a preview of Delta on iPad below:

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