Great How to Use Zoom Feature on Apple Watch & Enlarge Text Easily available in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Many Apple users have been switching to an Apple Watch from their fitness trackers and are already enjoying the amazing features it offers, but at times, they do complain about the text size and how it’s hard to read the information shown. This is a problem that definitely has a solution from Apple where you can make use of the Accessibility feature from Apple and solve the problem. Following the release of WatchOS 8, the company has introduced a new feature that can alleviate eye strain when using the Zoom function on your watch.

To get started, you need to first visit the Watch settings on your iPhone. Do make a note that the watch isn’t compatible with Android and you need to use an iPhone to pair and access the settings. Once you visit the Apple Watch settings page, tap on the Accessibility > Zoom > On section as shown in the below screenshot. This is where you can enable the Zoom function that magnifies the entire screen. 

Once you have enable these settings, the next step would be to learn how to use it.

  • Zoom by double tapping with two fingers.
  • Drag two fingers to move around the screen.
  • Double tap with two fingers and drag to change the screen.

You can customise the zoom level directly from the settings in case you feel that the default 5x isn’t good enough. The maximum possible is 15x, though that would be very hard to use, but it’s worth giving a try with different levels to see the perfect level that might suit your needs. On your watch, you get similar settings but the numerical levels are replaced with a slider and you can try that out too.

After the double-tap, the screen gets magnified on your watch and a small box appears on the top right that shows you a preview pointing at the place you have magnified. An easier option would be to just rotate the digital crown on your watch, which would move the magnification area. Overall, a very simple yet useful feature that can be very useful when you aren’t carrying your phone, while on the run and finding it hard to read something important on your screen. 


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