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Apple has been releasing at least two iPhone models every year for a while now. Before the release date of an iPhone, we get to hear numerous rumors and sometimes get leaked design and display news, too. Previously, we have seen iPhone 13 leaks, and most of those turned out to be true upon release. Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro is nearing its release date, and we have been getting a lot of mixed rumors about it. Besides the information leakers have revealed, we now have official leaks from Apple, exposing its massive hardware upgrades.

Here, we discussed everything we know about Apple’s iPhone 14 release strategy and what we can expect from the latest iPhone.

What Apple Has to Say About It

When it comes to leaks and rumors about new products, Apple usually remains tight-lipped about it. But with the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple hasn’t been too secretive. Although the company didn’t give away any significant reveals, we have been getting some scoops from reliable sources.

From Mark Gurman

Recently, Mark Gurman – a tech reporter for Bloomberg – shared some insider scoop in his Power On newsletter. According to Gurman, the iOS 16 will bring significant changes across the system on iPhones. The iOS 16 is Apple’s next generation of iOS, launching in conjunction with the iPhone 14 series.

In a tweet, he said:

“iOS 16’s first public beta is scheduled alongside iOS 16 developer beta 3 in July. First iOS public betas are typically released alongside beta 2. That means the public beta may be running behind. Current internal seeds are a bit buggy. Things are still fluid and could shift.”

As far as the significant changes are concerned, Gurman believes the new iPhone range will include a variety of new Apple apps for users. This upgrade is well overdue because most of Apple’s core apps have overstayed their welcome.

While having new apps on the latest iPhone is exciting, Gurman has even better news for us. He says the iPhone 14 may bring new ways of interacting with the operating system. Although he hasn’t elaborated on this story, we can connect the dots with other big names introducing revolutionary features. For instance, Google recently rolled out the Look and Talk feature on its Nest Hub smart devices. So, we can assume Apple may be working on something similar to give Siri a massive update.

From Ming-Chi Kuo

A few days ago, senior Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also shared his two cents on Apple’s hardware plans. According to Kuo, a foldable iPhone is in the works, and it will be nothing like the foldable smartphones we have seen till now.

In a tweet, he said:

“Apple is testing E Ink’s Electronic Paper Display (EPD) for future foldable device’s cover screen & tablet-like applications. The color EPD has the potential to become a mainstream solution for foldable devices’ must-have cover/second screen thanks to its excellent power-saving.”

iPhone 14 Pro Latest Rumors

Here are some of the latest rumors about the iPhone 14 series:

  • The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are set to launch in September (September 13, to be exact) as the previous models.
  • Other products will also accompany the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro launch.
  • Previously, iPhone 14 prices were only expected to rise in the US, but now we should expect a worldwide increase in the prices, according to Chris Caso. It means the iPhone 14 Pro could cost $100 more than a brand-new or used iPhone 13 Pro.
  • Bloomberg and Ming-Chi Kuo believe Apple won’t be making a switch to the USB-C in the iPhone 14 series. They believe this switch may be first seen in the iPhone 15. 

iPhone 14 Pro Rumored Release Date and Price

Apple has always been secretive when it comes to a new iPhone release date. Similarly, Apple has been utterly tight-lipped with the iPhone 14 Pro release date.

Experts, analysts, and leakers have speculated the rumored release date for the all-new Apple iPhone 14 Pro. Apple has developed a pattern of releasing a new iPhone every year in September. So, it is safe to say that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will be launching in September 2022.

A somewhat reliable leaker has recently tipped the iPhone 14 to launch on September 13, 2022. As specific as it may sound, it tracks with Apple’s general pattern of previous iPhone launches.

As far as the iPhone 14 price is concerned, we can expect a hike in the entire series. But some rumors have also claimed that three of the four iPhone 14 models will have a raised price. If the rumors are true, the iPhone 14 Pro may start at $1,099, a $100 hike over the $999 iPhone 13 Pro.

What Design Changes Can We Expect

As far as iPhone 14 design upgrades are concerned, only one drastic change is expected. In the new iPhone 14, we won’t be seeing the infamous display notch. Instead, we will be getting a pill-shaped cutout for Face ID and a punch hole – so basically, horizontal i. This design rumor is now locked in according to EverythingApplePro.

According to some renders, the iPhone 14 Pro models look relatively similar to the iPhone 13 counterparts. On the other hand, some renders have shown a trio of cameras flush with the iPhone 14 Pro’s back. We have also seen a comeback of the raised camera array that is even bigger than previous models.

There are also rumors of the camera module being bigger, and Ming-Chi Kuo has explained why. He says a 48 MP camera requires a larger module to be housed. So, we can also expect a 48 MP camera along with the more extensive module.

iPhone 14 Pro USB-C

Ever since the rumors about the iPhone 14 started, we have heard about Apple finally going to the USB-C port route. However, we may not be seeing this major switch in the iPhone 14.

According to more recent rumors, Apple will be sticking to the Lightning over USB-C in the iPhone 14 series. However, we can expect updated Lightning ports to have faster USB 3.0 data transfer.

The senior Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has also predicted Apple to embrace the USB-C by late 2023 and not before that. So, we can expect the iPhone 15 to have a USB-C port but not get our hopes up with the iPhone 14.

The Bottom Line

The iPhone 14 Pro may have been the smartphone of our dreams, and if the rumors are true, it could really evolve Apple’s outlook. Although the new model may not look drastically dissimilar to the previous models, it is on the path of change. The upcoming generation of the iPhone will set the stage for newer iPhone models by introducing a new design language. However, until Apple releases the iPhone 14 Pro or official scoop before its release, we cannot be too sure about what’s to come. So, here’s hoping for a new era of the iPhone family that brings innovation and shakes up the entire iOS experience.


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