Great iPhone 15 launch expected on Sept 12, as Apple sends Wonderlust event invite available in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The guessing game is finally over, as Apple has confirmed plans for its September 12 ‘Wonderlust’ event — where among other things the iPhone 15 series is expected to be unveiled. There was some uncertainty over the past week or so, whether Apple’s September iPhone 15 event is going to be on Sept 12th or 13th, but that confusion is put to bed by Apple’s confirmation.

In fact, just a few days ago, there was some speculation that the iPhone 15 event may even be delayed or pushed back by a week from its original schedule, due to alleged production delays of the iPhone 15 — especially the iPhone 15 Pro Max reportedly. 

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The iPhone 15 series devices will be of special significance from an Indian perspective. Not only has production of iPhone 15 already began in India — a first for the country, where a hitherto unannounced iPhone is already being produced, something that has never happened before — but Apple is planning to ramp up India’s overall iPhone production from 7-percent to 25-percent of the company’s overall global supply chain. 

What to expect in the iPhone 15 series

Quite a few landmark changes are confirmed to arrive on the iPhone 15, thanks to a series of leaks over the past year. The biggest change of it all is of course the ditching of the Lightning Port and embracing the USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer. There’s a whole new Action Button expected on the left edge of the iPhone 15 series which will also act as a mute slider. As always, the iPhone 15 is going to ring in some new colours with Titanium frame.

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There’s also intense speculation around the naming of the highest-end iPhone 15 series phone model – will it be iPhone 15 Pro Max or will Apple prefer the iPhone 15 Ultra instead? Beyond the nomenclature, the highest end iPhone 15 series model is expected to debut a 10x periscope lens — a first ever on an iPhone.

From a price perspective, various reports are indicating that even if the price of the base model of the iPhone 15 remains unchanged compared to the price of the base model of iPhone 14 in the past, that Apple will most likely increase the price of its Pro or Ultra variants of the iPhone 15. The justification for this price increase could be the introduction of a Titanium model of iPhone 15, among other things.


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