Awesome MWC GSMA – Phone Daddy Attending the Exhibition available in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dallas, Texas – February 28, 2023 – Phone Daddy is attending the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the largest and most influential event for the connectivity ecosystem. The event is for global mobile operators, technology providers, content owners, device manufacturers, and anyone interested in the future of tech, where they come together to make the decision.

For Phone Daddy, as a technology-focused business, attending the event is an opportunity to connect with top global companies, international governments, and trailblazing tech businesses. An event where technology, community, and commerce converge. This is also where new ideas turn into business deals, and leaders become change makers.

Asif Jadavji, the CEO of Pulse Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., who has been attending the event for over 10 years, is planning to travel to Barcelona this year too. For him, as the CEO of Pulse Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., the parent company of Phone Daddy, this is an opportunity to find out where the industry and the business are headed.

“MWC Barcelona is a premier networking event and provides an outstanding opportunity to engage with industry leaders, explore the latest trends, and uncover new business opportunities. There you have the rare opportunity to gain expert insights from innovators and companies that are shaping today’s connected society,” said Asif Jadavji, the CEO of Pulse Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. “From leading mobile operators to device makers, healthcare digital service providers, VR/AR content producers, AI developers, and more – MWC Barcelona is a melting pot of thought-provoking keynote sessions, networking opportunities, product launches, and numerous panel discussions designed to inspire fresh perspectives. If you want to be at the forefront of the data future, attending MWC Barcelona is essential for staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of technology”.

This is a unique event because attendees can meet industry CEOs, data protection authorities, ministries, senior representatives of international organizations, and telecom regulators. They all come together to debate current issues and share their knowledge, providing a unique opportunity to engage with mobile industry experts on policy and regulatory topics. Attending this event is an important step in improving Phone Daddy’s business and ensuring it is on the same page with the changes and improvements introduced to the industry.

“For us [Phone Daddy], attending MWC Barcelona has so much to offer in terms of connection and networking opportunities. We can use this event as a platform to acquire important contacts that we might not be able to make as easily in other circumstances,” said Asif Jadavji, the CEO of Pulse Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., who is looking forward to participating in that one-week event in Barcelona and is excited about the benefits that Phone Daddy will gain from attending this conference.

“This conference is an excellent opportunity for used mobile phone businesses to team up with companies that complement their products and services, fostering a new level of collaboration that will eventually improve the used mobile phone industry on a global scale. Attending this event, used mobile phone business representatives are investing in the growth and importance of the used cell market,” he added.

This year’s event will take place from February 25th to March 2nd, a one-week event with a promising agenda full of speeches by industry CEOs, interviews and panel discussions, partner programs, sponsored roundtables, and summits. This is an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in this unique environment that fosters networking and inspires you to come back with fresh ideas for improving your business. A small business like Phone Daddy will hugely benefit from attending this conference.


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