Awesome MyFirst Sketch Book Launched at Rs 7,500 — Unboxing & Features available in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Singapore-based MyFirst has launched a new drawing pad called Sketch Book. Unlike many other drawing pads available in the market, the MyFirst Sketch Book comes with a unique “Instant Digitisation” feature. With this feature, users can save their notes or drawings digitally on their smartphones.

Along with the MyFirst Sketch Book, the company also provides a Smart stylus, MicroUSB charging cable, Quick start guide, and 3 replacement pen tips in the box. Coming to the drawing pad, it features a large 10-inch LCD screen in a plastic housing for taking notes or drawing art. It packs a 1,000mAh battery which is rated to last for about 50 hours on continuous usage.

The MyFirst Sketch Book charges using a MicroUSB port with 5V/1A power input. Even without power, users can continue to take notes on the drawing pad. However, it has to be charged in order to erase the content on the screen. It measures 11.7mm in thickness and weighs 335g. Speaking of the smart stylus, it comes with 8,192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity.

It packs in an 80mAh battery which can be used for about 200 hours on a single charge. The two buttons on the stylus will increase or decrease the width of the line while drawing. Interestingly, there is no option to undo or erase the last drawn line. The only option is to erase the complete drawing.

To save the drawings on a smartphone, users need to install the “MyFirst Sketch Book” app available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The drawings will be saved as JPEG files on the smartphone. The drawing pad features three hardware buttons below the screen — Save, Power On/Off, & Erase.

By clicking on the save button, users can also save their artwork locally on the device. There is also a lock switch on the bottom left side of the device. The MyFirst Sketch Book comes in white and black color options and is available for Rs 7,500 in India.

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