Awesome O2Cure Hulk Review: Effective air purification available in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The O2 Cure Hulk performs well without making much noise. The comprehensive filtration system does make a difference in the air quality, and there is also a humidifier which also works rather well. The design, however, is basic and the air purifier is quite heavy, making it difficult to move around.

O2 Cure Hulk: Detailed review

Air purifiers are becoming more and more of a necessity with each passing day. The rising pollution and global warming make it more necessary than ever for people to take help in order to breathe clean air, especially in places where pollution or poor air quality is more rampant. With the increase in demand for air purifiers, many new companies have come up that specialise in air purifiers. O2 is one such company that makes air purifiers and seems to have mastered the art of making them. 

However, what seems to be isn’t always the reality. We got the O2 Cure Hulk as one of the nominees for Digit’s Zero1 Award for the best Air Purifier of 2022. And while the air purifier wasn’t able to win any awards, it surely caught our attention. The O2 Cure Hulk uses a 7-stage air purification system with a humidifier and an odour control system that the company claims are good for an 850 square feet area. We tested these claims and used the O2 Cure Hulk for a few days and here is what we think about the air purifier:

O2 Cure Hulk: Design

The O2 Cure Hulk’s design is basic, yet quite modern. The air purifier has a rectangular tall orientation, with the fans throwing the air upwards. There is also a handle-like elevated panel on top that merges into both sides of the frame. This panel also has a display along with touch controls on top. This handle-like panel has a nice silver finish, which goes well in contrast with the O2 Cure Hulk’s white colour. The round display on top is surrounded by the control panel. There is also a light on the bottom of the circular control panel, which looks quite cool. 

The main body consists of the filters and all the machinery. You can get to the filters by popping the front cover panel out, and the water tank for the humidifier is placed on the right side, while the particulate sensor is on the left side. 

O2 Cure Hulk: Performance

The O2 Cure Hulk has a 7-layer air purification system, which includes a pre-filter, a cold catalyst filter, a cellular activated carbon filter, an anti-bacterial filter, a HEPA filter, an ionizer, and a UV lamp. The O2 Cure Hulk uses these 7 layers of purification in order to clean the air in your room. Out of these, the pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter are usually there on most air purifiers. The anti-bacterial filter is also used on many higher-end air purifiers, but the O2 Cure Hulk is one of the very few ones to come with this kind of stringent filtration system. With claims to get rid of contaminants like particulate matter, pollen, dust and smoke, dander, and other microbes, we tested the O2 Cure Hulk to see just how well this 7-layer filtration system works.

We tried out the O2 Cure Hulk at Digit’s test centre in Delhi, and the air purifier’s numbers were not too bad. The O2 Cure Hulk air purifier was able to bring down the AQI by about 50 points in just 30 minutes in a rather big room. While those numbers aren’t bad, according to the company’s claims of the O2 Cure Hulk having a coverage area of up to 850 square feet, it seems rather small since the room we tested the air purifier in, was much less than 850 square feet in size. The reduction on PM 2.5, however, according to our air quality monitor, was about 60 points, which is not too far from the company’s claimed number of 100 points. Further, the reduction in TVOC came in at a staggering 890 points, which is one of the highest on any air purifier we have tested so far. 

Now, while the air purifier performed pretty well in the air purification and filtration tests, even in terms of noise the O2 Cure Hulk did very well. In our noise test, the O2 Cure Hulk only made 42dB of noise, which was one of the quietest among the four air purifiers we tested it against. While things are great in terms of the purification quality and noise, in terms of power consumption, things aren’t good. The O2 Cure Hulk is rated to consume 85W power, which is very high for an air purifier, given that most air purifiers consume about 50W power on average.

Other features include a humidifier, UV light, activated carbon filter, cold catalyst filter, and an anion filtration system which removes harmful substances created by electromagnetic waves emitted from electric and electronic appliances.

O2 Cure Hulk: Verdict

Overall, the O2 Cure Hulk performs well without making much noise. The comprehensive filtration system does make a difference in the air quality, and there is also a humidifier that also works rather well. The design, however, is basic and the air purifier is pretty heavy, making it difficult to move. The filter replacement is very easy, you just need to pop the cover, and refilling the water tank for the humidifier is also very easy. All in all, it is an effective product and will work well in places like Delhi-NCR where the pollution can get a little high and the air quality is in the red for the most part of the year. 


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