Amazing Samsung S5620 Monte – capacitive touch, 3.2MP, Wi-Fi & GPS, under Rs. 12,390 Review available in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Samsung S5620 Monte promises to be a good mid-range multimedia phone with a decent camera and good music player at an affordable price.


Samsung S5620 Monte (front view)

It has a touchscreen design similar to the B5310 CorbyPro. However, it lacks the hardware keypad which is a major drawback. The touchscreen employs a user friendly interface with well organized menu icons. However, the touchscreen is not responsive and often lags during phone navigation. A novice, who has just got his hands on the touchscreen, might need time to get used to the touchscreen. It has a widget feature similar to the B5310 CorbyPro, with a sidebar containing useful widgets which can also be dragged and dropped onto the homescreen. Another notable feature is that it has a hot-swappable microSD slot accessible on the side panels unlike the CorbyPro.


Samsung S5620 Monte – 3.2MP camera

Samsung S5620 Monte – Capacitive touchscreen keypad

The Verdict:

The Samsung S5620 Monte is a distant cousin to Samsung CorbyPro and has many resemblances in terms of interface and features. However, it lacks the hardware keypad, but incorporates a capacitive touchscreen instead of the resistive unlike CorbyPro. It is a fairly average performer in the captured photo and video quality test. It is a decent performer in the loudspeaker test with a score of 8 on 10. It had consistent results throughout the signal reception and call clarity test. Hence, it fancies its chances as a good mid-end phone with a decent camera and good music player, at an affordable price.

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