Amazing Vivo Tech Day 2022 Roundup: 5G, V1+ Chip, Gimbal Stabilisation, Zeiss Partnership, Design, More Showcased available in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Vivo held its first ever Tech Day in New Delhi this week where it showcased some of its achievements in 5G, design, and hardware. The Chinese smartphone maker detailed its contributions to 5G standards in 3GPP and demonstrated technologies that help improve battery life and bring multi-SIM 5G to smartphones. It also showcased the V1+ chip that it developed to improve night photos and videos, its colour changing rear panel, partnership with Zeiss optics, and more. Vivo also demonstrated 5G cloud gaming in partnership with Reliance Jio.

5G technology, Doze mode for improved battery life, Multi-SIM

During its 5G demonstration, Vivo said that it has almost 4,000 5G patents and has made over 8,000 submissions to the 5G 3GPP standards. It stated that all of the 5G smartphones it makes are NSA network compatible as well. The Chinese phone maker also delved into some of its solutions to improve power efficiency on 5G phones. It spoke about the Doze mode that helps reduce power usage, and a Multi-SIM capability coordination standard to resolve dual 5G SIM issues. Finally, it also showcased how it has used PCBA 3D stacking and Vapour cooling technologies to keep its phones slim while also managing thermals.

5G cloud gaming with JioGames Now

JioGames Now cloud gaming demonstration by Vivo


Vivo also gave us a glimpse of 5G cloud gaming in partnership with Reliance Jio. The company demonstrated this on their Vivo X70 Pro+ smartphone and used the Jio True 5G network along with the JioGames Now cloud gaming service. We were shown desktop-grade games running smoothly on phones and other connected devices with almost no lag.

V1+ chip, Zeiss partnership

Next up, Vivo showed us its self-developed V1+ chip for improved imaging and night photography. The Vivo X80 series was used to show us Super Night Video mode, the super cool gimbal stabilisation, and horizon level stabilisation, which keeps the horizon level even if you’re spinning the phone.

vivo tech day zeiss vivo-tech-day-zeiss-gadgets360

Zeiss T* coating on the Vivo X80 series


The company also dived deep into their partnership with Zeiss that was formed in 2020. Vivo uses Zeiss T* anti-reflective coating on its high-end camera lenses to get rid of glare by reducing reflections and to provide sharper images. The coating improves visible light transmission and also better reproduces colours. The partnership also helped Vivo get access to exclusive Zeiss portrait features such as the Biotar Bokeh style that allows for DSLR-like bokeh effect.

Colour changing design

vivo tech day colour changing glass vivo-tech-day-colour-changing-glass-gadgets360

A new colour changing rear glass design developed by Vivo


Recently, Vivo unveiled the V23 series with a colour changing rear panel. At the Vivo Tech Day, it demonstrated the technology, which uses photochromatic materials that can change colour when exposed to UV rays or sunlight. It also showcased some of its newer dual colour changing rear panel designs that are yet to hit the market.


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