Amazing WWDC 2022 – Apple Expected to Bring iOS 16 Lock Screen Refresh & Health App Update available in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Apple is expected to announce iOS 16 at next week’s WWDC event, and this is where we can expect a major upgrade in three areas of your iPhone. There might be many different changes and feature introductions, but we shall talk about the most important 3 upgrades that are worth noting. Every year at the WWDC, which is Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company announces a set of software updates, including some new feature upgrades.

1. New Lock Screen: Apple’s iOS is generally considered to be simple with a minimalist approach, unlike many Android skins that are full of options and features, but according to rumours, a new software codenamed Sydney would bring in some interesting options. This includes having a widget panel on the lock screen itself. This means that without unlocking your phone, you can now get access to your favourite widgets, though I might give this a skip because I never spend more than a few seconds on the lock screen, thanks to the face unlock, and directly visit the notifications area to find the updates. With the new iOS 16 build, you can expect Apple to offer the experience you get when you get your Apple Watch on the lock screen for quick display of glanceable information.

2. Health App: The biggest requirement when it comes to Apple devices is a better battery, and with the Apple Watch, we can expect a new low-power mode and newer watch faces, along with some improvements in the Health App. There is still no confirmation if the app will be available on iPad or Mac, which is quite needed, but we can definitely look forward to better analytics. Of course, this could be a part of the watchOS 9 that we look forward to and we might look at bigger improvements, especially around the sleep data that is still missing deep sleep data, though available through third-party apps.

The new iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, macOS and tvOS would be announced on June 6th with some hardware announcements too, though the upcoming iPhone 14 will be announced later in the month of September if all goes well in regards to manufacturing. That might get delayed in China because of the lockdowns. Let us know which OS or announcements you look forward to.


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